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No one needs fixing. The process of altering handwriting patterns uncovers who we really are allowing our true essence to shine forth. Especially now, as the world is going through so much transformation, everyone’s best is needed to create a peaceful world. I provide specific recommendations in order to resolve that which is separating us from living in joy and expressing our unique talents.

What if you could experience a peaceful feeling no matter what the circumstances?

What would be the value of having inner confidence to move through blocks in your life?

There is a solution and it is as close as your fingertips.

For thousands of years, people have known that handwriting is a reflection of thoughts, emotions, and attitudes. More than the words on the page, handwriting is a window into what is occurring in the mind and heart. Through altering handwriting patterns, the habits of thought, and thereby behavior, can be altered. The result is that patterns which are blocking us from what we truly desire and are keeping us from experiencing more of our potential are cleared. Whether greater success in work, fulfilling relationships, developing more confidence, or finding life’s purpose is desired, all of these goals, and much more, can be addressed through handwriting.

I provide specific recommendations to express your unique talents and open to more joy in life.

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  • I was amazed at what Edna determined about my personality from my handwriting. Her insight revealed some positives and some areas in which I could improve. Following Edna’s instructions, I changed the way I formed some of my letters and I indeed brought about changes that improved those areas.

    Kathie, Marketing Consultant – California

  • Edna is an unusually talented and astute professional. Her expertise couples handwriting analysis with intuition and psychological insights. She made some handwriting recommendations to me that deepened my thinking process. I highly recommend Edna to anyone on the path of discovery and self-improvement.

    Joan Tabb Waisbein, Silicon Valley Marketing Consultant – California

  • The handwriting analysis I had with Edna was “right on”. She reviewed my writing and offered suggestions as to which letters to change and practice. Results showed up for me within days. My life improved in quality as a result of changing my handwriting. I highly recommend this process to anyone. It is truly amazing.

    DawnRose Wentworth, New Life Coach – Virginia